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WritScrib: Find your niche!

WritScrib, LLC was founded with the belief that we can do better. Not only as a business, but as a community. We remember a time when posting online was more about finding friends and forming communities around your interests, and less about attacking others or seeking to win semantic battles. Somewhere along the way, we lost that sense of community, and instead found ourselves at each other’s throats, with a never-ending arms race to purify content or else a full plunge into far-right rhetoric.

This isn’t to say that we discourage discussion or debate. Activism in particular is deeply rooted in our ideals, and activists fight the fights that others can be too intimidated to tread into. While we don’t want to intrude into activist activities too much (truly, no one enjoys seeing for-profit businesses snooping around in activist circles beyond those profiting off of looking as though they care), we do firmly support Net Neutrality to the extent that any small business can. Without Net Neutrality, smaller creators will struggle even more than they already do.

Creativity is a lot like a garden. We plant our ideas and watch them grow, nurturing the ideas that bring us joy and pruning back those that become unsightly. Creativity is ever-changing, and carries with it a performative display. We want people to see our gardens! And there’s all sorts of gardens out there. Small, numerous flowers, vegetables to feed our hungry viewers, dazzling displays, sturdy vines, and yes, even the repugnant flowers that reek of rotting meat. For every garden, there are at least a few people who want to spend time in it.

But a garden can’t grow if the gardener is too afraid to plant!

We wanted to see those gardens grow again, and we wanted it to be possible for visitors to show their appreciation for those gardens. Even if it’s a share, a bookmark, or just ten cents. Showing even a little bit of appreciation for a garden can fill the gardener with pride and confidence.

There will always be people who want to burn gardens down. Maybe they think that the garden is ugly, or that it could be potentially harmful to someone. Maybe they fear that a garden they don’t like could grow bigger. Whatever their reasoning, they think that some gardens are best left barren.

It’s our job, not only as a site but as a community as well, to work together to keep those gardens safe. Report the people that try to bully or attack others in order to stifle their creativity. Nurture a site culture where everyone tends to the gardens that they love. And, yes, find your niche.