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WritScrib is committed to providing a platform for creators to express themselves freely. However, all good things come with caveats, and WritScrib is no exception. In order to protect our community, we have outlined a basic set of guidelines that we expect our users to adhere to. Please contact if you believe that someone is violating these guidelines so that we can hopefully resolve the situation.

Additionally, please note that our community guidelines are subject to change as we grow and learn from our community.

Breaking the Law

Despite what you may believe, laws still apply online (even if you believe that you are anonymous). Since we are a company based in the United States, it would be wise to keep up to date on Federal US laws as well as your own local laws in order to avoid any legal issues. While we want to protect the creative freedom of our users, certain acts and behaviors may be out of our hands. Breaking the law, including violations regarding our harassment policy (encouraging suicide, SWATing, doxxing, etc) will result in an immediate escalation to a ban and contacting the appropriate authorities.

Ban Evasion

While we understand that bans can be frustrating, it is important to respect them (especially if they are temporary bans). If you are identified as circumventing a ban (such as creating a new account to avoid a temporary ban or attempting to bypass a permanent ban to continue breaking our rules), you will be considered to be breaching our ToS and will have your account terminated immediately and without warning. On a case by case basis, this may result in a complete loss of earned Chips as well.

Suicide Baiting

Whether you are threatening to commit suicide or are telling others to commit suicide, this is unacceptable. If you or someone you know is suicidal, contact local medical authorities to get the help needed to recover.

Argentina: +5402234930430

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China: 85223820000

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Denmark: +4570201201

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Finland: 040-5032199

France: 0145394000

Germany: 08001810771

Holland: 09000767

India: 8888817666

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Italy: 800860022

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South Africa: 0514445691

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Switzerland: 143

United Kingdom: 08457909090

USA: 18002738255


Sending the occasional angry message is fine--we’re all human. However, if you are encouraging your followers to harass a user, are creating callout posts, are sending death threats to a user, are SWATing a user, are doxxing a user, or are otherwise causing intentional physical or mental harm to another, you will receive a temporary 1-week account suspension followed by a permanent ban for repeat offenses. Continued abuse may require intervention from local authorities, as in some jurisdictions this is a violation of the law.

Private Information

Speaking of doxxing: if you are caught leaking private information about another user, you will receive a 1-week account suspension, followed by a permanent ban for repeat offenses, and the offending post will be deleted. Vigilante justice, while satisfying, is rife with false alarms and innocent bystanders being wrongly accused as a means of revenge or entertainment. If you believe that someone is breaking the law or breaching our ToS, contact us so that we may correct the situation.

Hate Speech

While hate speech is frowned upon, we are committed to creative freedom, no matter how repugnant that creative freedom may be to others. We recommend unfollowing anyone who posts troubling content in order to tailor your experience to your own comfort level. Additionally, if you are concerned about others perceiving your work as hate speech, a private group may be a better alternative. However, if you receive hate speech that is targeted at you, report it as harassment.

That being said, to clarify: this is meant to defend repugnant characters within stories and art, as some content grapples with difficult situations. An example of acceptable content would be fanart from the Wolfenstein series. An example of unacceptable content would be a user endorsing genocide. A user posting hate speech is still targeting others, as it is creating an uncomfortable space for users. Remember that we are all sharing a communal space: using a public space to spread hate speech is akin to harassing users by forcing them to see your hate speech.


Pretending to be a member of WritScrib staff, a different creator, or an authority figure may result in a temporary suspension, a temporary ban, or a permanent ban depending on the severity of the user’s actions. Be yourself.

S&S (Spam and Scams)

Flooding a tag with the same post for any reason is generally frowned upon and may result in your posts in that tag being purged as well as a temporary suspension. Any scams that promise users something in exchange for Chips, only to fail to deliver on the promised thing, are subject to a refund of said Chips from your account and a 30-day ban.

Pornography and Other Sexually Explicit Content

We recommend keeping your sexually explicit content in private groups to avoid any trouble. Tagging your pornography as #nsfw is also helpful. Pedophilia is strictly forbidden and will be immediately reported to the authorities. Any Chips earned on pedophilia will be immediately removed from the offending account and donated to charity. Any users chipping-in on pedophilia may also be reported to the authorities.

Extreme Violence, Gore, and Other Obscene Content

We recommend using private groups to avoid any trouble. Tagging these with appropriate tags (such as #gore) is also helpful. Unless a user is spamming an unrelated tag with this content, we protect user creative freedom regarding obscenity. However, keep in mind that the law may say otherwise.

Copyright Violations

We at WritScrib are dedicated to protecting the copyright of creators while still protecting the creative freedom of others. If you suspect that your use of a copyrighted material falls under “fair use” but you have been struck with a DMCA takedown, please contact us immediately. No major company should be able to use the threat of copyright claims to restrict the creative freedom of smaller creators.

Use Tags Appropriately

As we’ve alluded to a few times, appropriate use of tags is vital to universal enjoyment of WritScrib. If you feel that someone is inappropriately spamming a tag with the intent of harming others (like posting pictures of extreme gore in the #kittens tag), report them at


If you feel that your group would not be age appropriate for minors, we strongly encourage making it a private group so that you may screen users who join your group. Public groups are the only groups that are visible in the related tag, so it is wise to on occasion create a post in the tag that reminds users of the private group. Do not attempt to use private groups to circumvent the ToS or community guidelines.

Username Squatting

Don’t create multiple accounts to hoard unique usernames. If your account has 0 posts and has been inactive since its inception, we may step in and release your username while generating a new one for you. Accounts with more posts will be less likely to run this risk. If your inactive account is reported as being used to hoard a unique username, we will give you 7 days to respond before considering a release of your username. If, however, the user perished (regardless of the circumstances), their username will be saved, and any Chips earned on the account will either remain on the account or, if contact with living relatives is possible, a decision will be made on what to do with earned Chips (such as donating to a charity of choice in their name).

Play Nice

Ultimately, the community is what its users make of it. We always recommend kindness as a strong foundation for community. If you feel that changes need to be made, do not hesitate to post your suggestions within the WritScrib Feedback Group, or to contact us at We hope to provide a safe and fun place for users to share their creativity with each other.